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Mann’s Pond – Sharon, MA



I try to take a walk or a hike as much as possible, as I’m not quite a gym person.  Therefore, the more convenient, the better.  The other day, I had about an hour of free time while both kids were at school and decided to get some fresh air.  There is a parking lot by a pond that I drive by at least 4 times a day, so I decided it was finally time to stop and check it out.

What I found was a really beautiful, very natural walking/hiking trail.  I was welcomed by a map of the area and benches to sit and stare at the beauty of the pond.  According to the sign, the area was revitalized as a Boy Scout project and they really did a great job!

I walked by the pond, crossed over a bridge, walked by a waterfall, and along a river.  I wasn’t able to complete the full trail due to lack of time, but am planning to go back and see what else there is to discover.

The place has a really interesting history as the former site of an old cotton mill owned by father and son.  Apparently, the waterfall/dam I saw used to help run the mill.

It was the perfect dose of fresh air and grounding to get on with my busy day.  I’m sure many of you have driven by this parking lot as well.  I encourage you to park, get out and enjoy nature.

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Балетки крючком от sharon mann's
Балетки крючком от sharon mann's

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